Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using our Services. In this Privacy Policy, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them under this Agreement:


means any content, features, technology or functionality, and all related websites and services that we provide to you.

System, Website or MCM means the websites, mobile applications or other online properties through which we provide our Services. By using MCM and related services, you give express consent to MCM to collect, use, disclose and retain your personal information, as described in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The primary purpose for which we collect your personal information is to provide you with the services offered on MCM and you agree that we may use and disclose your personal information and other data for this purpose as well as for secondary purposes, including personalizing your user experience and promoting MCM’s products and services your third party. Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, how we may disclose your personal information to other recipients and how to access, correct or complain about your personal information.

What is the privacy policy?

This policy sets out how MCM collects, uses, discloses and manages your personal information. If through use of the MCM Site or our Services you disclose personal information to a third party site, this policy will not apply between you and the third party and you will be subject to that third party’s privacy policy.

By accessing or using the MCM Services, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in the Privacy Group Statement.

Privacy Information Collection Statement

This privacy policy. The words defined in the MCM Terms and Conditions of Use have the same meaning in this Privacy Policy.

How we protect your privacy on MCM

MCM respects the importance of your privacy. It is committed to protecting your privacy when managing your personal information and has policies and procedures to ensure that personal information is handled with reasonable care and protected.

Personal information collected

The personal information MCM collects will depend on the circumstances of collection and the services we provide to you and may include:

Identification details, which may include name, date of birth, etc.

Contact information, which may include an email address and mobile phone number.

Services to you, including your saved items and searches;

your IP address and information about the devices you use to visit MCM and your activities on those devices or websites (including browser, operating system, time and date, referral information, location, carrier, and site interactions);

third party account details (for example, where you log in through a social network);

your public social profile information (such as your name and profile picture) as well as the email address you use to log into your social media account;

Records and content of communications with MCM or any other person including records and content using the Communications Services (as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use)

If you participate in any surveys, we, or a third party service provider on our behalf, may process personal information in connection with your survey responses from time to time;

Please note that any records and content submitted in paper form may be stored and scanned electronically by MCM.

MCM does not collect sensitive information, such as ethnicity, opinions, political affiliations, criminal records (except as provided by law enforcement authorities), or health information. However, collection remains subject to obtaining your prior consent.

How we collect personal information

MCM collects personal information in a variety of ways, including:

We collect it directly from you when you provide information directly in person to MCM or our network companies, by telephone or in writing (whether electronic or otherwise),

We collect it directly from you when you communicate with MCM or anyone else using MCM Communications Services;

we collect from third parties such as our partners (insurance companies) we collect from social media networks/platforms when you choose to share that information when creating an account;

How we use personal information

MCM will use the Personal Information that it collects for the purpose for which you provided it to us, the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy, any related secondary purposes that you would reasonably expect and for any other purpose to which you have consented.

More specifically, your personal information may be used for the following purposes:

Maintain appropriate business records.

Research, development, improvement and use within MCM Services

to respond to an inquiry or provide our services or assistance you request from us;

pre-populate / personalize / provide abbreviations on our websites;

Conduct surveys to determine usage and satisfaction with MCM Services.

To generate statistics related to MCM.

For the purposes of comments, reviews and ratings.

To promote and market special offers and other services to you.

For purposes related to running MCM.

For personnel training and quality assurance.

How we share personal information

MCM may disclose personal information to individuals and organizations other than MCM. Organizations to which we may disclose personal information include:

MCM companies and employees.

public if you advertise with MCM or use publicly available communications services;

Individuals and organizations that advertise with MCM If you send an inquiry or request or obtain certain services through MCM depending on your inquiry or the services being requested or obtained, these may include:

to advertisers in particular;

licensed auto and spare parts dealers;

Car and vehicle brokers.

Vehicle inspection service providers.

Payment service providers.

third party service providers who assist any of the above persons to provide services;

If you do not want MCM to disclose your personal information to these individuals and organizations, you should not submit an inquiry or obtain these services.

third party service providers who assist any of the above persons to provide services;

IT providers.

marketing consultants, market research and survey providers;

Professional consultants.

data service providers, who may also disclose your personal information to our third party partners for the purpose of personalizing the advertisements you receive from and from us (you can opt out of this type of activity by letting us know)

Payment platforms.

Entities to which you personally request us to send your information;

Assistance of government or regulatory authorities or the police. As required by law,

Where MCM provides information to a third party at your request (for example when you make an inquiry), you acknowledge that such third party will handle your information in accordance with its own privacy policy and not in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Constantly update personal information

MCM strives to keep accurate and up-to-date records. To make this easier, please let us know if any of your details change. MCM may verify the accuracy of personal information held by you against information about you held by a third party. You can update some personal information through your membership account (if you have one)

MCM may destroy or remove Personal Information once the information is no longer required by the Company.

How we protect your information

MCM takes reasonable steps to protect collected personal information from misuse, loss, or unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. Your personal information may be stored in paper documents, but it is generally stored electronically on MCM systems

What if I choose not to provide my personal information?

If you choose not to provide personal information when requested, MCM may not be able to provide you with our Services.

How do I contact MCM about my personal information?

If you have a problem or complaint, want to change your personal information, or just want to inquire about privacy, please contact us at the following information: Number: 00972594151014 Email:

delete data

You can request deletion of your data at any time by writing to us at You can request deletion of your data at any time by writing to us at

policy changes

This policy may change over time. All changes will be posted on this website.